SIUP is a non-profit scientific society founded in 1982.
Its main mission is the scientific progress in the field of prevention, diagnosis and therapy of urogenital malformations and illnesses in paediatric age.

By promoting scientific activities such as courses, congresses, multicentric studies,the Society aims to favour the research, the teaching and the professional developement of junior doctors as well as keeping Pediatric Urologists up to date. It also encourages the cultural interchanges with the other International Societies of Pediatric Urology. SIUP's main goal is to ensure the best standard of assistance and care to the pediatric patients with urogenital deseases.

Admission Rules: 

SIUP membership is given to: 

Paediatric surgeons and/or urology specialists currently carrying out either academic or operational activities within the domain of paediatric urology.
A specialisation diploma is not mandatory if the candidates are able to prove their relevant past and present activities within the aforesaid domain.
Specialists of other domains might be SIUP members too, provided that they carry out activities that are relevant to pathologies of the urinary and genital tract during paediatric age.

Membership applications are to be submitted by two current members. They will be examined by SIUP Executive Board who will decide on the admissibility of the candidate.

Application forms must include specialisation diplomas as well as a succinct resume describing relevant experiences in the field of interest of the organisation.

Non successful candidates will not be able to submit their application again before a two-year period. 


Responsabile del Sito
Dr. Alfredo Berrettini
UOC Urologia Pediatrica - Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico - Fondazione Cą Granda
via Commenda 10, 20135 Milano
Tel. 02.55038690